Conductix-Wampfler offers Energy & Data Transmission Systems for the Mining industry

Global growth and infrastructure development depends heavily on mined natural resources such as minerals, metal ores, and coal. Open-cut and underground mining operations require an array of powerful electric machines to do the heavy work and minimize emissions. Specialized energy and  data transmission systems must provide safe and reliable power in dusty and sometimes explosive environments, and often must withstand high vibration and G-forces. Due to their enormous size and power, mining machines must work continuously in very demanding conditions, and often require voltages up to 36kV. Large scale digging and excavation equipment for open-cut mines, such as electric power shovels and large scale conveyors, require trailing, level-wind  cable reels and  slip rings at the rotating joints.   Drill and blast equipment used for hard rock and underground mining require rugged, compact  cable management systems. Mobile power is also needed for shotcrete machines, blast-hole drills, ceiling bolters, and other underground equipment. Battery operated underground transfer cars need flexible charging systems.

For round-the-clock mining operations, Conductix-Wampfler offers field-proven, customized solutions for all types of mining equipment and machinery. Our global network of sales and engineering facilities and strong after-sales and servicing teams support our customers in their global activities.  Motor-Driven Cable Reels – powered by electric or hydraulic drives to manage long-travel power  cables for large open-cut mining  excavators and  drill and blast machines. Our  motorized reels include robust and reliable  slip ring assemblies to provide continuous power and are also in use to handle  cables for transfer cars and other raw material transports.

Cable Festoon Systems – extremely reliable and durable – to handle machine movements (horizontal or vertical) for gantry cranes, conveyors, and similar equipment and to manage  cables for machines such as conveyor belt tensioning units.  Special  cable trolleys can run on square, “diamond” track for dusty and harsh applications, such as conveyor belt tensioning units.

Energy Guiding Chains – are ideal for managing  cable and hoses that power moving machine elements, such as telescoping booms on roof bolters, shotcrete machines, and other mobile equipment.

Spring-Driven Cable Reels – compact, stainless steel  spring-driven cable reels can manage  cables used for vertical or horizontal movements of mining machine elements

Conductor Rails – highly durable and corrosion resistant, supply power to transfer cars and other conveying equipment. Special  conductor bar systems charge battery-driven underground mining cars and allow vehicles to engage when charging and disengage when operating.

Jay Radio Remote Controls –  offer a safe way of operating or monitoring machines from a distance. The comprehensive range of industrial and safety radio remote controls offers countless solutions to adapt to an extensive number of mining applications.

Circular Scraper in a cement plant

Technical requirement[s]: Main power supply to a Circular Scraper
Operator: Českomoravský cement, a.s.

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Reclaimer in power plant area

Technical requirement[s]: Feed in and gear for a Reclaimer
Operator: ČEZ (Power Plant Chvaletice)

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4 Stacker & Reclaimer for an ore deposite

Application: 4 Stacker & Reclaimer for an ore deposite
Operator: MaJiShan Port, [CN]

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Copper Mine Conveying System (Stacker/ Conveyer Bridge)

Application: Copper Mine Conveying System (Stacker/ Conveyer Bridge)
Operator: Southern Peru Copper Corporation

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Stacker & Reclaimer

Application: Stacker & Reclaimer
Operator: Doly Bilina a.s. [CZ]

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Stacker & Reclaimer

Application: Stacker & Reclaimer
Operator: Dùl [strip mining], Lazy [CZ]

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Feeder for a ladder gantry (coal mine)

Application: Feeder for a ladder gantry (coal mine)
Operator: SME - CEZ, Electric Power Company, Detmarovice

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